Micro Pave Setting

08/25/2022 · Process

What makes our micro pave different from others?

We do not pre-drill nor pre-cut any of the pieces we cast because when doing so the definition of the finished product is not crisp and the strength gets compromised.


Because after casting an item, it needs to be cleaned and when doing so a jeweler has to go deeper in the drill holes, which weakens the piece, it also needs to be pre-polished, which causes loss of form or definition.

The other option would be not to clean it and just set the diamonds on top of the casting residue and polish the best possible when done. Will it save some time? Yes. Will the craftsmanship be great? No.

Yes, most likely there are items like these in your showcases because all stores need to have certain price point items. However, if you take a closer look, does it not bother you that at times when you purchase a designer piece you can see that the pave is bulky, not perfectly defined and with visible gaps between the stones and sometimes visible casting residue? It can be upsetting especially if you paid top price for the item.

What we do:

Our pave sets us apart from other manufacturers because we have developed certain techniques that enable us to produce a very defined and strong product. When we make an item that needs to be casted, we leave the area as is where the setting will be done. Once we have the item (either casting or pulled wire-work) we drill only what is needed and carve the prongs out from the metal just like a fine sculpture. This process not only yields a gorgeous finished product, it also allows the stones to be tight next to each other without visible gaps that are usually seen in most designs.


What it means to our customers?

When they have a Pompos made item, it will be superior to that of their competitors (and ours), and what that really means is, that the quality you will offer to the end consumer will be the very best because it is distinguishable.

That makes everyone happy. Have you ever regretted buying an excellently made product?

I doubt that very much, in fact it is quite the opposite. Have you bought something that was made so well that you became an advertisement for that product!? We have all done that because you want your friends and family to have the same pleasurable experience you are having.

Yes, a Pompos made item will continue to build on the reputation of your stores name, create returning customers and raving fans of your jewelry.


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