Who we are

For over 48 years our passion has been to create jewelry pieces of the highest quality and design.

Our work has taught us much about life's values. We believe that jewelry, like life, revolves around creating beautiful moments and relationships that stay in one’s memory forever.

Our family

Our father, Pompos, is the founder of our company and the original inspiration behind our passion for jewelry. For more than 48 years he has forged his reputation as a craftsman and as an artist in the city of Los Angeles.

As his sons, we continue to honor his tireless work by creating only the finest pieces of jewelry

We offer our many years of experience and talented craftsmanship to create any type of fine-jewelry piece, and we tailor our services to fit your needs.

The creation of custom pieces from beginning to end. We start by sourcing the finest quality diamonds and gemstones, create a custom design based on the stone you select and deliver you the finished piece.

The creation of custom jewelry pieces for personal gems and family heirlooms. We work with almost any type of gemstone and offer your clients the ability to design a fine-jewelry piece based around their personal center stone or family heirlooms.

Stock pieces. We invite you to browse our inventory of finished pieces that are available for inmediate purchase and offer you the best quality and craftsmanship.

What do we believe in?

Those who know us know that we strive to be much more than just traditional jewelers. Through our principles and convictions, we give our clients the confidence needed to fully trust the work that we do.


We believe in the importance of our word. Along with jewelry, we also seek to build a reputation.


Our designs seek to match the beauty and importance of each gemstone, honoring their rarity and the millions of years they took to form.


Our honesty and our talent are essential when developing a client’s trust. We are transparent and put forth our best work.


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. We are the result of unity and teamwork, both within our company and with our clients.

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